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The Knightly Orders of the Caribbean...

Few recognize how the Knights of Christendom changed the course of world from the Crusades to the Age of Exploration, and the many crusades for social improvement that followed including the abolition of slavery, the crusades against blindness, malaria, polio; women's voting rights; the crusades for wellness (Wesley, Priessnitz, Keller, Kellog, Graham, Kneipp, Lust, Palmer, Still, etc.) and many others. Our Museums give you a unique opportunity to see this crusader history firsthand. »


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Commenorating the Hospitallers.
Eight Volumes of Books you can order now and receive the pdf copies to your Emailbox and/or hard copies to your PO Box.



Order this collection of books on Hospitaller-Crusader History starting from Hippocrates, to Rome and the Levant, to the Crusades, to the Age of Exploration, and the unique saga of the Knights in Caribbean history while at the same time donating to our worthy cause...





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Hospitaller Museum of the Americas & Monastic Medical Library Museum • Nevis

Tour a fantastic collection of Caribbean History. Charts, Posters, Stamps, Regalia, Relics, Statues, and many other items; and many on sale at the Gift Shop. »

Truly discovered by Christopher Columbus, which was uninhabited at the time, Nevis would become an English settlement in 1628 and remain so.»

The only and largest monastic medical library in the Caribbean, maintained by the Knights of Hope.»

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