POB 553, Charlestown


West Indies



The Museum

Newcastle, Nevis


Directions: on the end of the paved road at the foot of the Airport Fire Station.


Castle Bay Villas


(869) 469-9564


Open Tuesday-Friday

8 AM - 3 PM (call to confirm)


Hospitaller Museum of the Americas & Monastic Medical Library Museum • Nevis

The Nevis Crusader/Hospitaller Museum is the only one of its type in the entire Americas. »

The Nevis Monastic Compound is the location of the Knights of Hope Ecclesiastical Embassy. Formal investitures are held at the Knights chapel on Nevis a few times a year.»

Visit our Gift Shop for Books, Posters, and Postcards that preserves and depicts this rich history of Caribbean settlements by the Knights of europe. »

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The Knights of Hope of the Sacred Medical Order, worldwide membership.

History of the MIssionary Orders.

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POB 553, Charlestown, NEVIS, West Indies

Phone: (869) 469-9564